Wakefield Diesel Engine Oils

SAE 10W-30 CK-4, SAE 10W-30 FA-4, SAE 15W-40 CK-4

Wakefield Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils are available in multiple formulas engineered for use in high speed four-cycle diesel engines in on- and off-road applications. Our lubricants meet the new API CK-4 specs meant for vehicles produced in 2017 and beyond, and are backward compatible with most applications where engine manufacturers currently recommend API CJ-4 oils.

Our API FA-4 oils are only intended for use in newer, post-2017, on-highway diesel engines with limited or no backward compatibility. Please always check your manuals before selecting a lubricant.

Photo of Wakefield Diesel Engine Oils jug, pail and drum formats.

Meets OEM standards, click here for specifics.


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