Proudly Servicing the Canadian Automotive, Commercial Heavy-Duty, and Industrial Lubricants Markets.

Wakefield Advantage

Wakefield provides sales, marketing, and distribution solutions to retailers, warehouse distributors, automotive and heavy-duty distributors, franchised and independent workshops, quick lubes, fleet companies, new car dealers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).


Wakefield Canada customers include new car dealers, truck part distributors, industrial fabricators and manufacturers, national and regional retailers, quick lubes, automotive parts distributors, retail service centres, fleet operators, governments, and more.


Wakefield represents top brands in Canada. Our brand portfolio includes the complete Castrol portfolio, Wakefield branded lubricants, and SuperClean: a line of powerful cleaners and degreasers.


Wakefield’s success is driven by team members who are proud to represent premium brands and are committed to customer service excellence. Looking to join our team? View immediate openings at Wakefield Careers.

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Castrol EDGE is taking you inside some of the coolest car cribs in all of racing. Check out what DJ Kennington and Simon Dion-Viens have going on in their #GarageLife Opens in a new window

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Our Oil Selector will find the right oil for your car, motorcycle or truck.

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Introducing The Pail Rack System Opens in a new window

A cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to dispense fluid.

Spigots – No leaking
Jugs – Hands-free pouring
Drip Tray – Catches drips
Wheels – Easy to move
Capacity – Holds 6 Pails and 6 Jugs*
Disposal – Reusable & Recyclable

*Multiple grades of oil in convenient 18.9L pails.

Get the pail rack at no cost* with your 1st order of 12 pails!

Sign up to see if you qualify.

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Super Clean® Cleaner-Degreaser is versatile tough task cleaner-degreaser formulated to dissolve grease, grime and stubborn stains around the shop, factory, or home. It’s super easy and super fast! Super Clean is designed to work on contact. Spray it on and put its active ingredients to work.
See its cleaning power around the house or shop.

Super Clean® The Tough-Task Cleaner

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